Collecting Free e-Learning Courses

Free e-Learning Courses

Free e-Learning Courses

I have started collecting links to free e-learning courses. Please feel free to access these via the link in the blog’s menu bar. As I come across courses I will add their links to the page. FYI: I will only add courses that are free and have open access. These are asynchronous web-based training courses. Down the road I may add web 2.0 learning applications (e.g. podcasts, m-learning, etc.). If you have a course that allows open access, please let me me know and I will add it to the list.

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2 responses to “Collecting Free e-Learning Courses”

  1. Dianne Gibson says :

    Hi – please visit our website and then click on Our Blog. There is a link there to our FREE Customer Service course – please free free to add it to your site. Regards, Di

    • Jeff says :


      I took a look, but it looks like the blog is down at the moment. As soon as I can I will take another look. Thank you for suggesting the course.


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