Course Design Plans

Whenever I design a course, e-learning or classroom, I will write a course design plan (CDP). How CDPs are written may vary in the instructional design field. What we call them varies too. Either way, they lay out a great foundation for the creation of sound instruction. 

Here is what I include in my course design plans:

  • Rationale
  • Course description
  • Target audience
  • Participqant prerequisites
  • Learning objectives (terminal and enabling)
  • Evaluation plan (I subscribe to Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels)
  • Course map

I have been following this format since grad school and it has not failed me yet. After writing a CDP, I then proceed to creating storyboards or go directly to development phase, depending on the complexity of the course and if there are other developers involved in the project.  

Here are a few helpful  resources:

ISD From the Ground Up – This book is great resource for CDPs, lesson plans and applying Gagne’s 9 events of learning. It has been on my bookshelf from my early days in e-learning.

Training Management Plans From Don Clark’s Big Dog, Little dog site, which is chock full of ISD resources.

Do you use a course design plan or something similar?


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