Merger – OutStart & Hot Lava (Mobile Learning)

OutStart has announced a merger with Hot Lava software. OutStart produces an LCMS and development tools (including TrainerSoft, which was renamed OutStart Trainer). It will be interesting to see where this goes. There are many challenges to m-learning. The ease of getting handhelds to talk to an LMS is one, I am sure they will be getting this down pat with Hot Lava and their LMS. If done well it may even give them some advantage in the m-learning world.

So, here is what they get by buying, I mean merging, with Hot Lava as stated in the press release.

OutStart will make use of Hot Lava’s patent-pending technology to develop, deliver and track mobile content for everything from product training to assessments, surveys, job aids and checklists.  OutStart plans to incorporate Hot Lava Mobile capabilities in its social business software and learning systems as well as offer Hot Lava Mobile as a stand-alone solution.

This will be interesting to follow and see its impact on the m-learning world.


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One response to “Merger – OutStart & Hot Lava (Mobile Learning)”

  1. Morgan says :

    I suggest attending the webinar on Hot Lava Mobile Authoring. Its really informative and interesting to learn about OutStart’s mobile solution. I think the next one is on August 11th or 13th. Check out their website to get more info

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