My e-Learning Toolbox

Every so often I see my fellow bloggers posting lists of what they have in their e-learning toolbox. These posts are always interesting and helpful. It is a glimpse not just into their development tool preferences, but it also provides some reflection into the approaches they take in creating courses.

Here is what I have in my e-learning toolbox and some notes on how I use these tools.

  • ToolBook authoring tool – this is the DHTML authoring tool used at my company, but prior to this I used TrainerSoft (now Outstart Trainer), which is my preference.
  • Adobe Fireworks – editing graphics.
  • Adobe Flash – creating interactive elements, including animation, games, immersive learning simulations, etc.
  • Adobe Captivate – creating simulations (software sims and occasionally soft skill, branching sims).
  • Sumtotal LCMS – already determined by the company I work for, but no complaints.
  • SnagIt – grabbing screenshots.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver – creating web pages and occasionally jerry-rigging the HTML in courses.
  • Adobe Acrobat – creating PDFs included in courses (e.g. job aids).
  • Notepad –  editing XML.
  • Windows MovieMaker – editing WMV files.
  • PowerPoint – creating storyboards.
  • WordPress – editing and publishing my blog.

FYI: Most of what I make are asynchronous WBTs. Please feel free to share what is in your toolbox or any recommendations on tools I should add.

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