Flash Accessibility (508 Compliance)

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I have been doing some research on making Adobe Flash SWfs 508 compliant and found some great resources I would like to share. FYI: Adobe has come quite a way in making Flash more accessible. Accessibility with Flash has been a challenge over the years and prevented many organizations, especially U.S. Government agencies, from using Flash.

Creating Accessible Sites in Flash – This Adobe presentation provides a great introduction on how to make Flash accessible to users with disabilities. It is also a good example of an accessible Flash site.

Adobe’s Accessibility page – Resources for accessibility and Adobe products, including case studies and examples.

Flash Accessibility Tips – DoodleDoo’s practical tips for making Flash accessible.

Flash Accessibility Requirements and Methods (FARM) – DoodleDoo’s requirements guide along with an “Accessible Flash Checklist.”

If you know of any resources for making Flash accessible, please share. Thanks.


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4 responses to “Flash Accessibility (508 Compliance)”

  1. Venu Kalangi says :

    Good Info..

  2. rascalpants says :

    I developed a very simple way to separate 508 and SEO from the Flash content, because web developers do not always have the source files for SWFs… they just pull them over from another server.

    I know there are other solutions out there that do this as well, but here is something I put together in early 2007 and still seems to work fine.


    let me know what you think…


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