Hanukkah e-Learning Wish List

Hanukkah HarryMy kids are making their wish list for Hanukkah, which inspired me to make my own. I do not necessarily expect to receive any of these things, but if Hanukkah Harry reads this blog, which he may, their is a chance he will grant at least a few.

  1. Adobe CS4 eLearning Suite – I am still working with CS3.
  2. High end microphone – It will come in very handy for adding audio to courses, plus it will look great on my desk.
  3. OutStart Trainer – I am currently using another DHTML editor in which I am not enthralled at all.
  4. The not yet released, possibly mythological, Apple Tablet – It does not exist yet, but I am willing to take a rain check in case it ever does.
  5. m-Learning development tool that produces courses compatible with ALL mobile platforms.
  6. DevLearn 2010 conference –  It has been quite a while since any budget has allowed me to attend a conference.
  7. Supreme knowledge of ActionScript – To know it to a point that there is nothing I cannot do with Flash (that’s on me isn’t it?).
  8. Open access to all social media for the workers of the world – I am lucky to have access to such things as LinkedIn and Twitter, but not all do. Some organizations block social media sites from their staff. I wish this to end.

If you have your own wish list, please share it in the comments section or add a link if it is on your blog.  Of course it does not have to be a Hanukkah list, it can be for whatever holiday you celebrate.

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