Wicked, Cool Example of Augmented Reality

It is not every day I use “wicked” as an adjective, but this calls for its use. While attending the  Enterprise Learning Conference & Expo today, I saw an example of the use of augmented reality as created by BMW. The video clip shown during the “Next Generation of Learning Systems” session is the same clip as the one found on YouTube and embedded below. I promise it will wow you and even if you are not a New Englander, like me, you will still say is “wicked cool.”

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7 responses to “Wicked, Cool Example of Augmented Reality”

  1. Kelly Meeker says :

    This IS wicket cool. Best example of AR for learning I’ve seen.

  2. Kevin Thorn says :

    That there is *Wicked Awesomesauce!* Unlimited uses!

  3. Jeff says :

    Thanks Kelly and Kevin. Glad you like this find. I was blown away when I saw it.


  4. Tom Kuhlmann says :

    Pretty cool. Xybernaut actually used to pitch this back in early 90s with their wearable PCs (of course that was without the 3D rendering).

  5. Renee says :

    Wicked! A great example of real-life application.

  6. Kelly Meeker says :

    I just came back to this post to get a link to send to a colleague – and realized I entertainingly misspelled “wicked” – I’m not sure what a croquet wicket has to do with AR…. but I’ll think of something.

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