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Google App Inventor – Make Apps/m-Learning

Google is releasing App Inventor for Android. You can find it listed at Google Labs and can learn more about it at http://appinventor.googlelabs.com/about.

There is obvious potential for m-learning, including quizzes, educational games, mini-courses, informal learning.. really the sky is the limit. If development is as easy as they claim, then we can focus even more on design and are not as limited by the complexity of app development. The App Inventor uses Open Blocks, which is distributed by MIT’s Scheller Teacher Education Program. Please note, the apps are for Androids and I will assume they will not be supported across all smart phones, which is a hindrance in developing m-learning.

According to the site, they will be granting access to interested users in the coming weeks. I have put in my request and will let everyone know if/when it is granted. All that is needed is a Google account to sign up.

Here is a video Google provides showing the development of a very simple app.

Google also provides descriptions of examples that have been developed.

Adobe Flash on Your Google TV

I have talked in the past about Adobe Flash coming to TV and the potential impact on e-Learning (Adobe Flash on TV and Adobe Flash on TV – Update). Now Google has announced Google TV and it WILL have Flash (Flash Player 10.1). They even have a page regarding designing websites for TV that provides some guidance on designing Flash for Google TV.  The SDK is expected in several months and Google TV devices will go on sale this fall according to their FAQs.

Keeping Up – April's Big Question

April’s Big Question from Learning Circuits is “How to Keep up?” This is in reference the immense and rapidly expanding technology tools.

It is tough to stay on top of all the emerging tools. However, being involved in an e-learning community is a big help. For me it is a blog community and following many experts on Twitter. Not only am I often made aware of new tools, but also get opinions, tips, and examples of their use. You can never keep up with it all, but access to many experts who are also finding and sharing the lastest tech tools make it much less daunting.

Many of the blogs I follow are part of the eLearningLearning community. So, I browsed “Tools” by keyword on  eLearningLearning. Here are the results and the level of exposure to technology tools this community provides:

Twitter (2482) Social Network (1999) Wiki (1610)
LMS (1346) Podcaster (1239) Facebook (1176)
Flash (980) PowerPoint (922) YouTube (843)
RSS (814) LinkedIn (798) Second Life (687)
iPhone (602) Director (584) Moodle (550)
PDF (521) Captivate (515) Wikipedia (502)
HTML (367) Mac (359) Camera (352)
iPod (342) Slideshare (292) SCORM (291)
Delicious (261) Camtasia (255) Calendar (254)
Blackboard (231) Ning (229) LCMS (223)
MySpace (216) Firefox (214) SharePoint (203)
Skype (199) iTunes (193) Adobe Captivate (192)
VLE (183) Technorati (148) Juice (138)
Microphone (138) Photoshop (134) Google Wave (128)
Google Docs (124) WebEx (123) Elluminate (100)
Jing (100) Dreamweaver (82) Audacity (82)
VOIP (80) Lectora (76) Friendfeed (75)
Adobe Connect (74) Articulate Presenter (74) Flash Player (73)
Blog Tool (62) Pipes (60) CD-ROM (57)
Drupal (54) Adobe Presenter (48) iPad (46)
ActionScript (46) Lotus (46) Diigo (43)
MediaWiki (42) Google Calendar (41) Authorware (41)
Quicktime (40) Flash Video (39) Learn.com (39)
Vodcaster (37) Wink (37) DimDim (37)
Quizmaker (37) Raptivity (37) Evernote (36)
PBwiki (36) Centra (35) OpenOffice (35)
Jive (32) WizIQ (31) SocialText (31)
VoiceThread (28) eXe (28) Google Scholar (28)
OnDemand (28) Ustream (27) Webct (27)
Zoho (25) Joomla (25) Udutu (25)
MySQL (24) Articulate Engage (24) Blogging Software (24)
Blog Software (24) Wetpaint (24) Podium (23)
Toolbook (23) Google Buzz (20) Cornerstone OnDemand(20)
Clipart (20) Wimba (20) Unison (19)
SlideRocket (17) ScreenToaster (16) Xing (16)
iTunesU (15) Connectbeam (15) Propaganda (14)
One Note (14) Jive Software (14) Yugma (13)
OneNote (13) Seesmic (12) Firefly (12)
Lithium (12) TalkShoe (11) Flashform (11)
Qarbon (11) Lotus Connections (11) Cooliris (10)
RapideL (10) SkillPort (10) DHTML (9)
Knowledgeware (9) Assima (9) Apple Keynote (9)
IntraLearn (9) LearnCenter (9) KnowledgeHub (8)
CollectiveX (8) Odeo (7) Swish (7)
KickApps (7) Xerte (6) Wondershare (6)
Prospero (6) MindTouch (6) Moveable Type (6)
Scuttle (6) LearnHub (5) Articulate Online (5)
NetDimension (5) Knowledge Planet (5) Dokeos (5)
Learningware (5) PowerCONVERTER (5) Microsoft Producer (5)
ReadyGo (5) Vuepoint (5) Respondus (5)
ViewCentral (5) CourseMill (5) iCohere (5)
PodPress (4) Odiogo (4) Miro (4)
Xerceo (4) ooVoo (4) Elicitus (4)
Xstream (4) GeoMetrix (4) TopClass (4)
Twiki (4) YAKiToMe (3) Wimpy (3)
Gcast (3) Proform (3) Docebo (3)
CourseLab (3) SimWriter (3) STT Trainer (3)
Impatica (3) GeoMaestro (3) HiveLive (3)
Dogear (3) BEA Pathways (3) Sclipo (2)
LearnFlex (2) ziePOD (2) Widget Podcast (2)
RSS Radio (2) Hipcast (2) Feed2Podcast (2)
BlogAmp (2) RapidShare (2) Atutor (2)
iVocalize (2) KnowledgePresenter (2) ViewletBuilder (2)
SoftSim (2) RapidBuilder (2) SCATE (2)
Learnframe (2) TotalLMS (2) WBT Manager (2)
ResultsOnDemand (2) Bea Pages (2) Apache Roller (2)
WildVoice (1) WebPod Studio (1) Tool Factory Podcasting(1)
Talkr (1) slapcast (1) ReadtheWords.com (1)
ProfCast (1) PodshowCreator (1) podOmatic (1)
PodNova (1) Podlinez (1) Podifier (1)
Podesk (1) Podcast Ready (1) Podcast Blaster (1)
Podbean (1) Podango (1) Podadmin (1)
OdeoStudio (1) Nimiq (1) myPodder (1)
Mixcraft (1) Mirpod player (1) Ksan Player (1)
iRadeo (1) iPodder (1) HuffDuffer (1)
Fonpods (1) ePodcast Producer (1) ePodcast Creator (1)
Easypodcast (1) ClickCaster (1) CastRoller (1)
Castblaster (1) BoxPopuli (1) blubrry (1)
BlogTalkRadio (1) BadApple (1) Audio Bay (1)
Audio Acrobat (1) 1pixelout (1) Gabcast (1)
NetExam (1) Phasient (1) SimBuilder (1)
SAPTutor (1) ViewletACE (1) HyperSnap (1)
TurboDemo (1) SimCorder (1) InfoPak (1)
KnowledgeSolutions (1) InstallShield (1) Datango (1)
iMediaCONVERT (1) PresenterOne (1) Oracle iLearning (1)
Microsoft eLearning (1) Google Info (1) WSSsearch (1)
del.irio.us (1)

That is a lot of tools this blogging community has discussed and introduced to its readers. I also like to make occasional visits to Google Labs and Adobe Labs to “keep up” with the tech tools they are working on and to test drive any beta versions available. When I do find interesting tools I will keep track of them using my Delicious account. Tagged either under Development Toolsor Cloud. When it comes to free cloud apps, I also share them on my blog’s Free Cloud Apps page.

It is tough to stay on top of all the great stuff being offered out there, but the blogs and social media certainly help.

Baltimore's Bid for Google Fiber

Baltimore Bid for Google FiberBaltimore has put in a bid for Google Fiber, which is Google’s experiment to select one or more trial locations for a ultra high speed fiber network.

Here is brief description from Google of what they are planning to build:

Google is planning to build and test ultra-high speed broadband networks in one or more trial locations across the country. We’ll deliver Internet speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today over 1 gigabit per second, fiber-to-the-home connections. We’ll offer service at a competitive price to at least 50,000 and potentially up to 500,000 people.

Of course I am biased as a resident of the Baltimore area, but I truly believe Baltimore is a fantastic location for this special opportunity. It is the location of superb higher educational institutions, research facilities, science and technology industry, and highly creative and innovative residents. Baltimore has a website that supports Baltimore’s bid and it includes community support via videos and Google Maps.

You can also provide support for Baltimore’s bid, if interested. The deadline for submitting your support for Baltimore or any of the other towns’ bids is March 26, 2010.

Public Data Explorer – Google Labs

Google Labs recently released their Public Data Explorer. You can create charts and visualizations with public data sets. I created the examples below from data provided by the World Bank. The amount of data provided by the World Bank is impressive.

In my opinion, the animated map and bubble views need some work, but it is a beta so I will cut Google some slack.

In addition to data from the World Bank, they have data from the California Department of Education, U.S. Census Bureau, Eurostat and more. Researchers and teachers alike may find Public Data Explorer very useful. So, give it a test drive. FYI: You can embed your charts into a webpage or blog (like the examples above), which are updated automatically so the data is current. I will also be adding this new tool to the Cloud Apps page .

Google Image Swirl

From time to time, I like to visit Google Labs and see their most recent projects. One of their latest is Google Image Swirl.

“Google Image Swirl organizes image search results into groups and sub-groups, based on their visual and semantic similarity and presents them in an intuitive exploratory interface. Try this tool to resolve an ambiguous query visually (applejaguarbeetle) or to explore a concept from different visual perspectives (Eiffel Towerbeachimpressionism).”

Below are some the results/swirls from searching “Caesar.” It is nice to see Sid is right up there with Julius.

image swirl screenshot - Caesar

It is still in the labs, so I am sure there will be improvements when released, and I do hope they increase the size of the images in the swirls. They are a bit difficult to view. What I do like is that I can very quickly dig into subgroups of the image results, refining the search visually.

Go ahead, give it a try, Image Swirl.

Preview of Flash Player on the Google Nexus One

Each time Flash appears on another mobile phone I get ever more hopeful about Flash becoming THE delivery platform for m-learning.

So, will Flash be on the new Google phone that everyone is buzzing about? It is not currently, but Adobe will be making it available for download sometime in future and here is a preview.


We are moving a little closer to a world were Flash is on every smart phone… iPhone, where are you?

Cloud Apps Page Added

While  recently reviewing my “best of” posts, I also looked at its top keywords. Seeing cloud computing ranked as the highest keyword inspired me to add a bit more about the Cloud. So I have decided to add a cloud application page.

Cloud App Page

The Cloud App page is a compilation of free cloud applications. Many of these are useful online learning tools. So far, I have listed 20 apps, but there are many more out there which I hope to add as I encounter them. Please feel free to recommend your favorite free cloud app and I will add it to the list.

Google Chrome OS Announced

Google has announced they will release the Chrome Operating System in 2010. This OS is for netbooks and takes full advantage of the cloud. Thus, less of a need for a hard drive and a much quicker machine. In fact, they are currently boasting of a 7 second boot-up time. The success of a Chrome OS can mean a huge leap in cloud computing and hopefully more e-learning tools and apps on the cloud too.

Here is a video preview of Chrome OS.

Not sure what cloud computing is?

For Those of Us Who Didn't Get a Google Wave Invite

If you did not get a Wave invite, but would like to get a peek at it, here are few videos from those that did get invites.

And here is the Google Wave team on launch day.

FYI: If anyone out there still has a Wave invite, I am still interested in receiving one. Thanks!